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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Spyder Testing

It has been great working with Spyder.  They are a company who wants to push the limits of our materials and bring the fastest products to the table.  The past 2 days I was in San Diego testing new suits for the up coming Olympic year.  
We went to the San Diego Low Speed Wind tunnel.  This is where Lance Armstrong and a lot of prominent bike teams have done their testing over the years.  the walls were covered in pictures of the past.  It is pretty cool to see.  
There was a lot of media there talking with Jake Zamansky, Daron Rahlves and me.  Discovery Channel Canada was even there! haha We couldn't pull the actual discovery channel peeps, they're missing out.
  We got a lot of good info out of the tunnel.  I think were going to have some weapons for the up coming Olympic season.  
Here I am standing in the propeller room.  This tunnel was built in the 40's but its precision is amazing.  The huge wooden blades skim within an inch off the ground.  This makes for consistent airflow.  It would have been rad to get a  skateboard and shredded in here.  But that probably wouldn't fly.  (or maybe I would? haha)
Testing the new skier cross pant.  While wearing the stealth top! Im thinking of sporting this in my races this winter.  It will keep me nice and cool as Im cruising down the mountain.

Jake sucking in smoke.