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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Check this kid out.  He is absolutely nuts!  My favorite kiteboarder to date.  


My knee is still bugging me so I have laid low from kiting so far this summer.  Luckily the winds haven't been too great so the temptation isn't that high.  Hopefully I get a taste soon.  Until then, more biking.  Which I have been enjoying a ton.  

Heres some more goods I found.  

Go to Nimbus Independent for more videos.

 I was searching the Nimbus site for some new footy of my brother.  He is going to have a part in this years Nimbus production.  Stay tuned for his goods.  But til then enjoy this trip clip.  It comes from my favorite ski film creator, Kris Ostness.  Ever since Clay Pigeons came out I have followed his work.  He has a way of attaching you to the film.