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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lil' Update

I have had a busy past week or so.  From ski team meetings, to photo shoots to concerts I have been kept busy.  
The US ski teams center of Excellence is up and running.  The palace is pretty insane.  They have done a great job with the building.  From half pipes, to foam pits, to basketball courts I hope I don't get myself into trouble.  
We had some meetings proposing our plans for the summer and educating us about what we are thinking for the future. 
We also had physical testing last week.  Due to my knees status I didn't participate in it.  I also opted out of the Mammoth May camp desiring more rest for my body.  
My knee is feeling pretty god though.  Yesterday was my first day back on the bike.  I went for a long spin around the valley and my knee reacted well to that so I will slowly ramp it up and see how it progresses.  
From the ski teams meetings I flew to L.A. to do a pre Olympic shoot with NBC and its affiliates and have a meeting with VISA's ad agency.  I thought I did a decent job with the interviews and photo shoots. US Weekley tried to get me to pose with my shirt off but that didn't fly.  Then universal sports asked the same thing so I said "what the heck, we'll see what happens."  I think I'm going to regret those, they were pretty cheesy.  
Then I got a call to join my friends in Santa Barbara for the Kings of Leon concert.  So I extended my trip and spent a few more days in the city of angles.
I have to say Kings of Leon are incredible live.  I enjoyed them a lot and would pay to see them again, which is a rarity for me.  
Now Im home enjoying the good weather!  Finally