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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The 2nd Half

The first week of our camp was a tough stretch but I got a bit out of it so I can't complain. We had four days of training, 1 SG and 3 GS. We were fighting the wind and the snow drifts it brings but the next weeks weather looks good and we are even talking about extending out training down here for a few days if the good weather holds. It is tough because up on the Mountain it is gnarly wind and then you get back down to town and it is perfect blue sky weather.
We need to get some time on our DH skis!!!!! I think it will happen come monday.
The young guns (Europa Cup Team) have come back into town from Queenstown and are going to train with us. They bring good energy and it will step up our game. We cans't be gettin bet by those tikes.