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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Present

Well Well Well I finally got around to updating my connection to the Internet world. I guess I will give whomever reads this and enjoys it a little Christmas present. I'm going to write about two things in this one blog!!! WOW!!!! Merry Christmas to you!
racer in the History of the First I will write about my win!!! I WON! WOW it was incredible. I don't want to sound cocky but it wasn't surprising to me. I expected it this season, it was a goal of mine and it happened. The preparation was there, along with the support from everyone. It all came back to me. I had the platter in front of me and all I had to do was my part and I did. This victory was a special one. There were so many things that came a long with it. it wasn't only a my first win but it was historical in many ways. First off it was Kristian Ghedinas farewell. Kristian is the winningest racer on the famed Saslong. He has won on that course 4 times and medaled, I think around 12 more times. He took his farewell tour down the Saslong the day of the downhill on all of his old equipment. It was great to see because I respect Kristian. He was a great guy, always animated and happy to be skiing. He always had fun and made people feel comfortable around him.
I had the fortune of being handed his old technician, Leo Mussi. To have Leo preparing my skis for this race. I knew I couldn't have any excuses on that front. The night before the race Leo brought me into the tuning room and pulled out an old pair of Kristians old skis, they were the skis he used on his last podium performance in Chamonix, France in 2004. They have a piece of the top sheet missing and are very recognizable. Leo asked me If I would feel comfortable using them and I said "of course!" I knew then I was handed some magic sticks and they sure took me for a ride. I woke up the next morning and my stomach was aching. I talked to my girlfriend and told her I was nervous but it was a good feeling. I then saw Leo and told him I was nervous as well and he said he was too. He followed his comment up by saying "good things happen when I am nervous!" This really didn't make me feel any better, haha.
"I know what I need to do." They then said "okay do it!!!" and I would ski away with this powerful feeling inside me. There was so much confidence within me. It was funny, because I didn't finish a single training run. I went into the fence in the first one and my hammy still aches from it. Then the second one I missed a couple of gates in the The one thing that made me feel better was skiing. I got out on the warm up hill and felt so comfortable, I felt super balanced on my skis and had a very positive feeling. Then I inspected the course. As I was sliding down I could see what I needed to do and I told Brigham and JohnoSasslatt section of the course. I didn't have a feeling for the course at all. This was the same for Marco Sullivan, he in his history of running that course, has never made all of the gates, then he comes down and gets fourth!!! Congrats to him! I wish we could have been on the podium together.
I have much appreciation for the people who helped me get that win. I feel I have put forth a lot of calculated effort over the summer with my training and at our ski camps. I have noticed the progress and I want to thank several people for the efforts they put forth. Dr. Craig Buhler, if it wasn't for him I don't think I would be skiing today, plain and simple. He brought me back from injury and has helped balance my body out to where I can compete pain free. Scott Sanches has brought me to a level of fitness I have never experienced before. I feel balanced, I feel healthy, I feel athletic and this all leads to more and more speed. Kipp Nelson for supporting me in my training endeavors, if it wasn't for Kipp I most likely wouldn't have trained with Scott. The US Ski Team coaching staff. These guys are passionate about what they do. They also know what they are talking about. If it wasn't for their extra set of eyes. I probably wouldn't have had that course vision I had in Gardena. Brigham also has shown me time and time again, how much he loves seeing us succeed. This passion drives me and shows me how much they care. When we do succeed, I think he gets more excited than us!!

Now its time for Part 2

CHRISTMAS!!! For the second year in a row, I get to spend Christmas over here in the Euro land. Last season I had the opportunity to spend it at Resi Steiglers house in Lienz, Austria. It was a great experience and a fun gathering of friends, family and food. This year, I get to spend it with the Speed team in Bormio, Italy.
Some may say spending Christmas over in Europe without your family would be sad and lonely, but I feel different. Don't get me wrong, i do miss them but Christmas, is about the friendships, the gathering, the comradeory. When I am in the States I feel like Christmas is shoved in your face. I feel like I have to buy everything and be with everyone. I don't do it because I want to do it, I do it because I feel obligated to do it. There is so much tension flowing around me during the holidays, the world is about to explode, I cant think straight, aahhhhh. Right after Gardena I had the opportunity to go to Bolzano and experience the Christmas markets there. Shopping usually stresses me out, but this was exciting and fun!! I would walk around and witness the people enjoying themselves, partaking and sharing of other creations and tasting delicious food! Everyone was happy and friendly. The decorations around the city were pieces of art. I loved it. I wish Christmas was this way in the States. The real meaning of Christmas does still exist!!! I have seen it and I want to take it back to my home land!!!
I hope you find the real meaning of Christmas, and if you already have, please hold onto it! Go eat some cheese and drink some wassle! Go skiing if you have snow! Enjoy your time with your loved ones.
Much Love