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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Earth is Getting Hotter!!!

Well Global Warming is real folks. I have to say it. I’m going to be out of a job in a few years if this persists! It’s sad. I do recommend reading or seeing An Inconvenient Truth. It is an eye opener! I don’t know what to think when I read this stuff. But it does make me want to put forth all the effort I can in trying to slow down this ever growing. The problem is I travel the world, driving, flying, staying in hotels, I consume consume consume, so I have little room to talk. I bought a terra pass, but I still don’t feel like that is enough. We as a group need to make a change in the way we live. We can take an example from Euros. The Europeans are quite efficient in their waste disposal, they don’t buy in bulk, over eat, or drive SUVs. For some reason we Americans don’t produce the most fuel efficient cars out there. Currently in Europe I am driving an unleaded VW Scharan (mini van!!! Oh yea) And the thing gets unbelievable gas mileage! 30-40mpg in the states the same car would get 20 mpg. Something is wrong here and no I am not mistaking kilometers for miles. I just think we can do a better job. And I think people will truly make an effort in this matter if they were simply educated. But in a situation like this the change has to come from the top. The government has to take the big steps, they have to provide avenues for us to make a difference, such as recycling, auto restrictions, mass transportation and renewable energy. I live in a city of nearly 300,000 people and we don’t even recycle glass. That is absurd!! We as individuals can make a difference, through simple efforts like car pooling, walking or riding bikes to work or the gym, using energy efficient materials. Remember it goes reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Heres a shot of the US Ski Teams training hill

Ahh the famous Tyrol region! Known for some of the best skiing in the world!

We flew into Munich under blue skies! And then drove to Innsbruck in 70 degree (20c) weather, it was fabulous! I was getting a tan but it was December 10th!!!