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Monday, January 08, 2007

Them Leggins

Heres a brief recap of my time at home with some pics.
Good flight but bad jet lag.

There is some good snow in Utah and skied with my lady and my bro and some other friends at Alta. We hiked up Wolverine Cirque and had some excellent turns.

Blake and I made Christmas Card shots.

Blake had to visit mother nature.

Hayley crashed
I skied some more at Solitude
I got an MRI and figured out I have some bone bruising on my Tibia and Femur heads so I have to stay off them to let them heal.
Went Skiing anyway at Snowbird because it was dumping snow but there was mach loony winds and you couldn't see anything.
Had an excellent dinner at Franck's in SLC (which I highly recommend)
Woke up early to catch my flight but the plane was broken and we missed our connections so I got to stay home one more night.

Now im in Chicago waiting for my flight!