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Friday, October 19, 2007

Dont do it!

I think there are several things in this world that dont mesh with me too well and kiteboarding is one of them! Currently its my favorite thing to do besides skiing but it seems like every time I go I almost die. One of these days I may not come home? NOT GOOD Today on Maui the waves arrived. I haven't played much in the waves but today was turning out to be an amazing session until I crashed the kite as a wave slammed into it while it was open. The forces it generated snapped a line and it went bizzerk. Some dude was trying to help me, but his attempt failed and I was getting towed closer and closer to the rocks. So I thought to myself $700 or my life? So I let the kite fly away. After searching for 2 hours with no luck I gave up. The same thing happened in Oregon this summer and God saved me on that one. Then a week ago I was kiting in Fish lake, Utah when the wind died and I was out in the middle of the lake in 50 degree water freezing my skinny legs off. I tried to swim in but would get caught on weeds and pulled under, so I had to sit out there and bob until a fisherman came and rescued me. Sounds like a lot of trauma! Well I love it too much, I don't know what to do. I think the wise thing to do is stop but that's highly unlikely. Me likey too much

appropriate ending

Sorry no Maui Pics