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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Monkey off my back

Wengen is over and now I am in Kitz. It felt so good to get the DNF
monkey off my back. It had been six races since I finished! (One I
finished but flipped around backward half way down the course, which
was basically DNFing). What a relief.
Another good ting that came out of Wengen was how I finished with the
intensity I put into it. I skied very safe and didn't take many risks
and still was 11th. Its a good feeling to know I can do that but it
is a bad feeling not leaving everything on the hill. Physically I was
exhausted but mentally and emotionally I was disappointed in my efforts.
Like I mentioned earlier, I am in Kitzbuhel now. Awaiting my first
race down the full legendary piste. (06 was the shortened course, 07
cancelled) The training runs have been going pretty well. I am
excited with my current form. The first time I ran Kitz I was simply
out of control and lucky to survive the piste. Now I feel like I can
regulate my skiing and push myself to different limits. Today I skied
really well on the top, then I got flagged exiting the steilhang. The
reason for the flag was because Andreas Buder crashed and they needed
to helicopter him out. I restarted from that point and skied well to
the finish! I was only 30 min and 52 seconds behind 1st place! haha.
I hope Buder will be alright. He was having a great season. I think
he had a couple of podiums and just came off a fourth place in
Wengen. Hes a good dude. Send him your best if you can.
Alright time for bed!
P.S. Ted Ligety is really good at Slalom! I trained today with him
and I am amazed with every turn he makes! I hope he wins the Slalom