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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Red Room!

This past weekend was tough!  I understand the importance of staying in shape through the season but this week I felt it.  After I hurt my back I took two weeks off with very little activity.  I tried skiing a lot while I was home but you can't replicate the forces you produce while ski racing.
Racing this weekend I felt these forces.  On the Kvitfjell course I was feeling my legs 40 seconds into the course and already questioning myself.  It also showed when I slammed into the fence on the second Downhill day.  Everything is alright with my body and Im still in one piece.  This next week I have some time to put in some good physical training and hopefully end on a good note in Bormio.  
The positive side of the weekend is that I am skiing really well!  My splits were really fast each day but I would make some huge mistakes and loose a lot of time.  Kvitfjell is one of those courses where if you loose speed it takes a while to get it back, so mistakes compound upon each other.  
My heart goes out to Lanzinger.  It was really heavy news when I heard he would get his leg amputated.  Lanzi is a friend of mine.  There are three guys I get along really well with on the Austrian squad and he was one of them.  He had a different energy around him.  He is a really good dude, outgoing and happy to live life.  I give him and his family my best.