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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Im too tall!! haha

Kitzbuhel ate me up and spit me out! It was a wild ride there. I had
tons of emotions the whole week! It was only me second time there and
I knew what to expect with the scene and all. On the hill I felt
great. I was quite comfortable and had a good approach, I was proud
of my training runs where I was fast in all the sections. I felt like
I was ready for the race. But I had to face the SG first. They moved
the start of the Sg over to the DH track due to the fresh snow they
received. I was stoked I felt like this suited my style and it did.
I was leading in the first split by a tenth then on the second split I
was in fourth. But as I jumped of the Hausberg the fog totally socked
me in and I couldn't see anything especially the terrain across the
side hill. I misjudged a bump and went way off line and missed a
gate. I was quite bummed, but it was good to know I was skiing fast.

Then came the Downhill day. I felt confident with my approach except
for the last jump. So I went to the start and found the TV to watch
how the last jump ran. It just so happens that Scott Macartney was
the guy I was watching. To shorten it up, he crashed really bad, I
felt sick to my stomach and I really didn't want to charge anymore.
My Mom was at the bottom of the hill and I knew she was freaking out
and all I wanted to do was make it down safe. I ran safely down the
hill and then I went off the hausberg and again the fog was there. I
think the fog Gods didn't like me this week. I was the only one in
the whole race to have fog. But I made it safe. I survived!

Then came the Slalom day. I was planning on racing the combi and
during the warmup I hit a rut funky in the course and jarred my back.
It just so happens I have a compressed L4 and L5. This tall body is
having a hard time holding itself up! So I am going to miss
Chamonix. My rehab is going well and things are looking up for Val
D'Isere, I am pretty sure I will be back in full swing there.

Enjoy the Powder at home! Im jealous