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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Uno mas

Yesterday 's day wasn't too eventful aside from learning that Bigfoot was found in Georgia and watching the 100m race.  Bolt is a phenom.  The ease with the way he runs is incredible.  It was a disappointment about Tyson Gay but a misfortune as well.  Good job Mr. Phelps for making a million bones.
But when night rolled around Bryon pulled out his guitar and we created a song about Donald Keystone Species or Kevin Francis for short.  We gathered random utensils from around the hose and had the whole band going off.  We had Marco on the stick, Becko on the dyna disc, Me on the morter and pestol and Fish on the scrabble bag.  We have major plans for a music video and releasing a single.  
After last nights prep for todays pow skiing we woke up to blue skies and freshies everywhere.  We only took four runs today due to it being packed because of the Chilean holiday, but they were all quality.  We hiked up to a chute called chimney  twice.  The final time was around sundown so we skied down under the alpen glow.  I would give you pictures but the internet is horrible so I will have to provide you with the pics when I get home.