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Friday, October 03, 2008


Every year on the final days of our camp we hold the CONDOR CUP.  It consists of a full length SG and a GS race.  Today was the SG and I won. Yeeeeaaahhh 2008 Condor Cup SG Champ! It was pretty cool because 5 condors were actually flying over the course for the first few runs  My name will go on the bottom of the trophy which we leave in the bar here at Portillo.  I didn't take the full cup though, only the SG portion.  I still have some business to attend to tomorrow in the GS to win the whole thing.  Ted was second in the SG and the event is judged off of world cup points so I have 100 and Ted has 80.  Tomorrow I either have to beat Ted or be one place behind him to take or tie for the title.  Im up for some hard work against the reigning WC GS champ.  

Yeeeaaahhh boyyyeeee.

Its all backwards because of my camera but last years winners were Ted in GS and TJ Lanning in SG and they ended up tying for the overall.