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Monday, September 27, 2010


Yesterday was pretty epic! Bluebird, no wind and we finally were able to strap our downhill boards on. The initial plan was DH training into GS but we just kept going with the DH all day. 9 runs of DH to be exact. It felt good to go fast once again, getting up and over my boards and letting them fly.
It is critical to get the miles on the downhill skis, not just for training and comfort but to break the skis in. Getting them running an flexing on snow is a necessity, you have bend the skis to break the glue in the ski so it becomes more supple and flows like water as you move down the hill. The more you do this the more supple they become.
My Fischer technician, Leo Mussi, was getting a little nervous because the skis hadn't touched the snow yet. But yesterday was great for the long boards.
Today we had another downhill day planned but we woke up to the 120kmh winds!!! When will this storm system leave us? I know I said this before but the weather from here on out looks great, so keep your fingers crossed.

I had to add this picture of the Austrian coaches I saw on a poster down here! What goof balls! That pose is out of a Brady Bunch episode.
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