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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Last of My Summer

The moment I arrived home I went into a 5 day flu spell. NOT SWEET but it was sweet in a sense. I had the worst sweats for those five days and I think my body was cleansing me of something. I am not even sure if I had the flu or not? I would just pop tons of NyQuil and Ricolas day and night and it finally got better.
I decided to rent my house out for the winter so while battling the flu I was cleaning out my house and my Mom provided a lot of help. We would also battle over the temperature of the house. She would complain it was cold while I was running around sweating my cahones off! Thanks for the help Mom and sorry peoples, I already found renters to the Nymans Mansion! (More like shack)
Also since I have been home it has been raining and cold! I think my summer was over in the beginning of September and I just threw together a little vid of my last days of summer.

Thanks Capt'n Davey for the good time at Lake Powell. One of my favorite places on earth