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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Here's a little video I put together from my trip to Portillo, Chile with the Spyder crew in September. Super C, according to Chris Davenport, is one of the more famous couloirs in the world. It is around 4000 vertical feet of straight up climbing and an amazing weaving tight descent. I missed a lot of the skiing footage (sorry) because the camera I was using didn't do well with vibrations. So it looks like I have to hike it another day. (Don't try and ski with a flip cam, go for the GoPro, that thing is money) A lot of the footage is of me just talking to the camera and myself, with a couple bad booger shots thrown in there!

The story behind the hike is I decided to get up one morning and do it alone. The night before in the bar I got directions from Jake Zamansky and they didn't make much sense so I went up there hoping to find my way. He told me if I took the first route it would cliff out and the second route was the way to go I was totally confused when I got up there and just decided to go for it. Luckily I chose the right route or else I would have been in for an even longer day of hiking in race boots (bad idea)!