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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Waiting Game

Dealing with the elements is something you have to be good at when it comes to skiing especially ski racing. It sure can try your patience. This camp has been a good test of my patience but today it finally paid off. After 3 days of really warm temps and yesterdays rainy golf we really didn't know how the hill was going to be this morning. We woke up to clear skys and cold temps! But we got to the hill and saw the groomers moving around and I just prayed that they left our hill alone. Which they did and it turned out to be a nice skeet of ice!!!! Just what we came it for. It only took 2.5 weeksto get. Well today we got it and I took advantage of it. A 13 run advantage. 10 DH and 3 GS! It almost made up for the waiting time. But these next few days definitely will, the weather is looking good, warm in the day, cold at night and nice hard snow. I have some stuff to work on and have been aching to for a while now,
The internet is pathetic here so no vids until I get home but I do have a few! How about a song recommendation.

Young hearts beat free tonight by Rod Stewart. (Thanks Wiley Maple for leaving that CD in our trusty steed)