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Sunday, November 18, 2007

6 DAYS!!!!

The season is upon us! 6 days until the World Cup speed season kicks off. Every morning more and more anticipation comes over me. I wanna race, I wanna go fast, I wanna to fast!! haha
We just wrapped up our training/prep season in Copper and Keystone, Colorado. We had some really good training and dodged a few bullets. I flew off course once and went into the trees but was okay, I came out with some minor bruises. Then Chris Beckman blew into the trees about 15 minutes later and walked away fine with a big raspberry on his shoulder and a torn up suit. The kid is hilarious. He never stops talking or moving. Whats on his mind is whats coming out his mouth! He's always good for a laugh.

A little update on our skiing. Marco, Mac and TJ are skiing fast along with the young boys. Look out for Erik Fisher and Kevin "Donkey" Francis this year. I think they will start producing on the World Cup. I have said it since the end of the season but Marco is going to do some good things this year. He has this presence around him, he knows he's going to be fast.
As for my skiing my Slalom and GS are coming along! They actually are really fast. I am excited to see how I will perform in a race day situation. The goal is to hit 400 points in the first races so I can run the Beaver Creek GS. If I didn't have 400 point I would most likely start dead last in the 90's and I don't want to bother with that. 400 points allows me to start 31st and actually have a chance. I also think the Beave suits my style in GS so it is a good place to brake in for GS.
I haven''t blogged for a while because things have been super busy. After the good season last year I have come to realize its a while new game. Its not only skiing anymore for me. I have sponsor obligations, product development responsibilities, people want creative feedback and I have the opportunity to have an influence on the skiing world. I have been trying to take advantage of these opportunities but its a lot of work. It is a whole new game, it gives me a greater respect for the super stars in the industry if they juggle all their responsibilities and perform at the top in skiing. So I'm learning this game. I have to admit it is fun. I have been helping develop Spyder Speedfreaks team. It is going to drop at Beaver Creek so stay tuned.

I also have been developing the Fischer speed skis this summer. It is weird to think that I am now the guy who develops the skis. Fischer listens to my feedback and they will relay it back to the company and produce something that I think is better. It is pretty impressive to be witness the efficiency of their system.
I have to give props to Ted, Julia, Jimmy and Paul for starting off the season with a bang! Hopefully the speed team can keep the ball rolling!

This is my latest work. I call it The American Ski Racer