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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

La Louise!

Back in Lake Louise!

It finally feels like winter! It feels good, it is energizing to my bones!

While i was home I went and saw the movie, Beowolf! It was awesome! Beowolf, was a Danish warrior who basically inherited a Kingdom because of his heroism and some stupid decisions. He would always yell "I AM BEOWOLF!!!" Simply put Beowolf is the man, he slays dragons, and you may be asking why I am talking about Beowolf. Well I feel like my dragons (winter) finally have arrived and I have some dragon slaying to do! HA HA


P.S. Yes I deleted my Myspace account. I was over Myspace, I wanted to simplify. But Sven Negmond still lives. I AM SVEN NEGMOND!!!! And congrats to Resi as well. I forgot to mention her 4th place. Not too shabby!