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Monday, August 18, 2008

Back training

Finally we got back to training today.  It was tough getting out of bed though.  My legs were spent from hiking all day yesterday.  I have to give props to our phisio, Christa, for taking care of all of us.  She was a trooper because she not only was on top of keeping us in one piece but she skied with us all day and hiked the chimney chute to see the sunset.  
As for training today, it was soft but we made it work.  The course more resembled the form of a bobsled track than a GS course but we got some work done.  It felt good to move again and feel the speed.  
This morning we had to cancel our SG training due to more snow over night so we free skied SG all morning.  It became a little boring so Becko, Fish, Mac, Freedog and myself made our way to the top of the mountain for a Chinese downhill.  Right off the bat Becko and Fish took the lead followed by Bryon then me and Mac.  Freedog and I pushed Becko and Fish into a grooming berm and that slowed them down so Bryon and I took the lead.  Then we hit the pitch and I was sucking down the snow dust of Friedman.  I couldn't see much and it was quite freaky but sticking close to him gave me the draft and I passed him and took the lead all the way to the finish.  
It has been awesome thus far this trip.  The vibe with the group has been better than I have ever seen it.  We have been creative with our spare time and have been entertaining each other.  And for some reason we have found the patience to deal with Beckos singing. 
Hopefully from now on the weather will cooperate and we can end the camp on a positive note.