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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Snow

The forecast was for blue bird sunshine, which it was in the morning,
than out of nowhere came a dense cloud full of snow that decided to
park itself over us and let loose. We received a few more inches of
snow but I think we will get training off tomorrow. It is supposed to
be our first day of downhill training so I hope it happens.
The mountain all the sudden became crowded with teams. The US Eastern
and Western Development teams arrived a few days ago along with the
French and Slovenian women. We also have a couple of Canadian teams
here so we are all fighting for hill space if mother nature allows.
Tomorrow we have to share the DH track with the French women. I was
watching them ski today and there are a few rippers in their crew.
As for our external activities. I scored an all time high on Virus
Buster on Brain Age 2 for my Nintendo DS. 1406 points, level 12 on
hard. Not too shabby. I have been competing with Patrick Jaryben for
the all time score. He's been getting close but can't ever beat me.
Its making the angry Swede even angrier. We are also having nightly
Scrabble and Mario Cart tournaments while Die Hard and Terminator 2
are playing in the back ground in spanish. Surprisingly they are
still entertaining. Terminator 2 has to be one of the best movies of
all time.
Enough for now.