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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Man what a day. Talk about Polar opposites! One year winning then
the next falling flat on my face three skates into the course. I
didn't even make it to the first gate! haha! Oh well? I guess if I
had to look on the positive side of things I would say this got me a
lot of media time. Almost as much as if I had won the thing again!
Its kind of funny. People were basing a lot of stories around me for
this race. There is a deep history or repeat winners on the
Saslong. Then kersplat! Onto my face. Channel 4 in Great Britan
made a whole show about me and returning to defend my victory. Thy
got about three seconds of action from me.
I just say that life. Funny things happen. It will be one more year
until i have the chance to tackle the Saslong once again. Life moves
on and now off to Bormio!

My hat goes off to Scotty Mac for keeping the US mens Downhill podium
streak going. Congrats to him for his 2nd ever podium. Its a great
result especially coming off of hip surgery this past spring. Our
team is skiing well. I can't wait for the day when we are all on the