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Saturday, December 08, 2007

North America Wrap Up

Dider Cuche flirting with danger

Mac and TJ checking out the sites

Well North America is done for now and we are currently in Europe.
I love it over here! Really I do. The first time I jumped the pond I swore I never would come back but that didn't happen and since then I have come to enjoy Europe. We arrived to rumors of good snow and its here but up high and there's tons of it.
It is also nice because we have a little down time for a difference. We usually land and get in a car, drive to France for 10 hours then race. These shenanigans usually bring on some cases of the flu but this time FIS wised up and scheduled the races for the middle of the winter.
Right now we are chilling in Patsch racking up some excellent Guitar Hero time. I am by far the worst on the team. Props to Marco, he wails! We have plans to go ski in St. Anton, catch a Bayern Munchen game and catch up on the missed zzz's from Beaver Creek.
I had a surprise waiting for me when I landed. Audi gave me a car for the winter! I have never driven a fast car and I know an A6 isn't the fastest but man!!!!! This thing hauls! I had to punch it the moment I got onto the Autobahn and I got it up to 230kmh then got a little freaked. Not too shabby.

I probably shouldn't take pics while going 200k on the autostrasse

This past week in Beaver Creek was really good. I was really satisfied with my performance in the DH. Something I always admired when I was young was when a racer would win all the training runs and the race. It shows incredible confidence, determination and the ability to focus. When you pull something of like that it shows how strong you are mentally. I always thought Daron Rahlves was good at this, especially when they had the reverse bib order. He didn't care where he started he just went for it and would pull off the win. I kind of had a glimpse at feeling this in Beaver Creek but I was second every run I took down the course. I did feel the pressures from it as well. When the actual Downhill race came around I started having feeling of pressure to perform. I had to suppress these feelings to perform well. You cant go into a race saying I'm going to win and constantly thinking of winning. You have to focus on the task at hand and only on what you can do. You have no control over anybody or anything else except yourself so simply focus on yourself. And that's what I did, I simply focused on what I had to do and it worked out. That is where the real satisfaction came form that weekend. The podium helped for sure but going out there and doing what you set out to to do the big treat.
Props to Ted for Shredding today!
Next stop Gardena!!!