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Thursday, December 27, 2007


Its that time of year! Christmas and that means Bormio. For three years now I have been spending Christmas abroad with the rest of the team. Christmas usually means gag gifts and explosives. This year I got five dice and a thermos. Some of the other gifts everyone received consisted of a robe, giraffe hockey skate covers, wigs, a flute, a rhino candle and several others I cant think of right now. The Barbie doll was back but I didn't receive it this year. Mac got it this year. And yes we tied explosives to her. My doll from last year was much more resilient than Mac's.
Other than the explosives I toured around the city of Bormio, listened to the bells, went to midnight mass for about two minutes but couldn't understand a thing and then I took some photos.

(I will bring you the exploding doll pics soon)
Happy Holidays