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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sleep deprived

Hey Folks!
For some reason every night before I have to fly to Europe or any ski function I can't sleep the night before! Maybe it is because I am horrible at packing my bags? Maybe it is because I want to see everyone and I am awake until the weeee hours or the morning. Maybe it is me trying to pre adapt to Euro time zone. But if you ask me I think it is just the kid inside of me. It is the excitement in my bones! I love racing. I enjoy the fact that hundreds of people come
together, close down a massive strip of snow for us to hurtle our carcasses down. I enjoy scaring myself and testing my limits.
Last night I ended up going to sleep at 2 AM and then waking up at 4:45AM. Before I went to bed I was wide awake. I wasn't burdened by tiredness. Thoughts were streaming through my head. I want to ski I want to race. I decided to sleep because I thought it would be good for me! haha
Home was nice. After 30 some hours of traveling I finally arrived at home at 5 AM instead of the scheduled 11PM. I got three hours of sleep woke up at 8Am and went shredding at my old stomping grounds, Sundance. There was 2 feet of fresh awaiting me and I shredded all day! I even found untracked stashes the next day! Did I say Sundance? I meant uh....Sugarloaf, Main... ha ha.
To summarize this blog. I am stoked, I want to race. I feel good, I'm re energized and ready to go.

P.S. I got a Ukulele for Christmas, I'm going to be really annoying! haha