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Monday, April 23, 2007

The Streak

Well Folks its official, I have a streak. The past two times I have driven to Colorado I have received a ticket. This time I wasn't going fast at all. The cop said I was going 61 in a 45. I personally think it is impossible, there was no way I was going over 55 I was watching, but it happened and i couldn't get out of it.

Other than that our trip was great! Blake, Jordan Seldin, myself and Ian Mattson went powder chasing and that is what we got. 4 feet of fresh! It snowed all week in Silverton while the resort remained closed. Surprisingly there were Hundreds awaiting its opening on Saturday. There was plenty of terrain and snow to be had under the blue sky. We decided to build a jump and huck our carcasses. I only hit it once and tried pulling a really slow 360 but went way bigger than I anticipated and did a 540 and didn't land it. Blake and jordan went bizzerk on it and got some really good footage and shots thanks to Ian.

Blake and I ended the trip with a nice Qi Gong session. HAHA

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Blake and I got all dudded up for the Robot party. It was the most expensive costume I had ever put together. The piping fthat runs from the Dryer to the wall was expensive, especially because we had to cover our long limbs. I ended up buying 28 feet of it along with a couple of light switches and plugs, some sliver spray paint and duct tape. We then arrived to a room full of aluminum foil wrapped college students dancing to Robot music.


Droid Brothers

Sponsor Plug POC should thank me

Hays and Beano

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Big in AK

Alaska is incredible!!! Big, Free, Fast, Open, Beautiful!!! Heres some shots of the past few days.

Top of 1st lines, Marco, TJ, & the guide

The second face. It was pretty gnarly standing at the top and not seening anything your going to ski down. You go and trust what you saw before or trust someones raido call.

Marco wouldnt stop smiling.

Buddy the Beast

So far the races have been okay. 4th DH, 2nd SG (made some Heli Money!!) 8th SL (lots of mistakes) 4th Combi