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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Forward or back, side to side, whichever way we go as long as we move. 

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tweet tweet

Yeah I'm on twitter now. Its a lot easier than blogging. I dig. Ya dig? I'm following Shaq, he's a funny dude. Among others are, my bud thailer bushman, peter rugh, grete elisson, and several other trendy A listers tony hawk, steve nash, lance armstrong and jonny mosely.
You should get on and check it out. Twitter.com
But don't worry I will keep blogging.
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Mikeys Back

Wowy Weee waaaaaa

I wrote a blog a while back to help Mikey and now check it out Mikeys Back!  Look at the two vids.  Its is awesome to see him crusin again.  Thanks for the update Blake.  And Im sure he has hospital bills up the wazooo so you could still donate to his cause.  See where to donate at his blog.  And I just learned this.  He and I have the same birthday.  Feb 12th!  Mike, Darwin, Abe Lincon, Bill Russel, Arcenio Hall and ME!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ready too boogie

Home has been nice but I'm ready to leave. I have had several weeks to heal and get my legs back underneath me and I'm feelin good. I had some good powder days while I was home. Along with some relaxing time. I also needed to rest my mind and recharge the batteries for the final push.
I'm feelin good about this upcoming trip to norway and sweden.
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Speaking of Digital

This is interesting. Check it out.

My bodys feeling better and im starting to ramp up my training to get ready for Kvitfjell.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Digi b day

Yesterday was my birthday and since facebook is the new way to communicate I woke up to 45 messages. And they kept coming all day. 133 facebook happy birthday wishes. It can't get any better than that can it? Its funny, I think I only received 4-5 calls from people. I'm not much of a birthday guy so it don't matter. So to all you 133 messangers. Thanks for the digi love.

Update on my body, its feelin better. I'm getting a lot of work done, getting myself put back together. I think I will be ready for kvitfjell.
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Monday, February 02, 2009

Black and Blue

Im just going to rant. Maybe it will help?

IM HURTING! My shins hurt, my left ankle hurts, my left knee hurts, my right calf hurts, my back hurts, shoulder hurts. DANG! what's my problem? I thought I worked out and got all strong so this crap wouldn't happen. BLAH! This ski racin stuff is tough on your body.
I used to be a machine and nothin would phase me. I could ski all day, now i can take four runs and have to go in? What's the deal? Anyone have some tips?
Heres my theory. Im starting to think I over work myself. You taste success and then want it more and more so you work harder and harder for it. (The work part isn't hard for me) I think my body needs a rest. Im starting to look around at the people I know see trends. It seems like the people who work the hardest are the ones who get hurt the most. Why so? There's a balance I need to find. If anyone has some scientific links that support this theory, then send them my way.  Til then I get to rest until thurs in hopes that my body feels
good enough to race World Champs.

And until then you can check out this pic of Erik Fisher being patriotic,i think i already posted it on my blog but its worth a second viewing.