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Monday, January 31, 2011

Most Embarrassing Moments

In light of my recent mishap in Chamonix I decided to write a blog or my Top Four most embarrassing moments on skis.

#1 Val gardena DH 2007
I was the returning champion and all the lights were on me to do something good. this is what I did.

#2 Chamonix DH 2011
I felt comfortable on the course. I knew what I needed to do. I won the top section the training run before and all I did was go straight. I thought just go straight. I guess I absorbed the terrain too much and went above the 3rd gate! Ohhh I wanted to break something right after that. And Im glad my Mom couldn't hear the words coming out of my mouth after that mistake.

Someone needs to post this one. Or I will in a few days.

#3 Are World Cup Finals DH 2006
I was skiing well and we trained the day before in the sun light. so you could see the terrain. The next morning was the race and I didn't factor that in. I entered the halfpipe in second place just a couple hundredths out of 1st with only 6 turns left.

#4 Lenzerheide World Cup Finals DH 2007
Our coach told us we couldn't make this certain turn and we had to throw the skis a bit. I told myself I could make it. And I did! I was surprised and elated that I actually did it. the problem was I forgot that I had to keep racing.

Cant find the vid for this one SORRY

Luckily I didn't get hurt in any of mine. And sorry for the long videos I couldn't figure out how to cut some of these clips out. You will just have to watch them and see where I made some of my mistakes. They are in there somewhere.

But none of my mistakes can stack up to this one

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back Attack

GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! Wengen was looking good, I was feeling good and most importantly I was skiing good. My first training run was okay. I skied well and simply just skied, feeling the course out and trying to adapt to the sudden new time zone. I will tell you the first training run was one of my most tiring runs at Wengen. I went on some mega stiff skis, which turn well and I like the way they move over the snow but they require so much power to ski with. So even taking it easy cruising down Wengen, coupled with the jet lag I was cooked! I think I was 21st or something. Then the second training the course was shortened and I had done a lot of video analisys or the course and saw the things I needed to do. And I decided to go on a slightly softer pair of skis just to test because all the other Fischer athletes were riding on really soft skis compared to mine. So i decided to give it pretty hard and I nailed most of the sections and ended up 5th. I felt good and energetic on the skis and they weren't a labor to ski. I was psyched! It was my best training result so far this season and I had been feeling more and more comfortable on my skis. Then the next day was cancelled due to pouring rain and that was nice giving me some time to relax, get acclimated and sleep in. then it was combi day and the USA team only had one extra spot for the combi day and they gave it to me to get another run on the piste. I stared 44 and was testing out some even softer skis, the ones like my cohortes were skiing on. I skied well but didn't like the skis. At the apex of every turn they would give out. Instantly I realized I like stiffer skis (once again) and was psyched knowing that. But I was still in the course and had to finish the race. Once section of the course I really wanted to work on was the final split. I was getting smoked down there. I was skiing it better than I ever had but stil Carlo Janka and Dider Cuche were showing everyone who was boss down there. The difference I saw between them and me was their aerodynamics, I had a higher tuck and they also cut off more line on the finish S. So that was my main focus. I came off the silverhornesprung and there was a little kicker right off the jump which threw me off balance. This jump has a pretty flat landing and I was out of balance about to land. The moment I hit I felt my back go. It wasn't as bad as it had been in the past but there was a pretty good strain that went through it. I initially thought it was a pulled muscle, but after an MRI i realized I compressed my L5, S1 disc. It is a new injury, my old one is L4, L5. But Dr. Muller was pretty confident I would be fine for Kitzbuhel! We shall see. He did a series of injections along the back muscles and around the disc. Right now I am feeling pretty stiff but that is what happens when he does his injections.It should lessen throughout the day and I should know by tomorrow morning if I can take the first training run.

On a positive not I am skiing well and when this back heals I know all the pieces are in place to keep the ball rolling. For now I have to just work and wait.

Enjoy this little clip my brother put together from our time at home in Utah. One of the first days I was home we had an incredible powder day at Sundance, my favorite place to make turns while I am home.

New Years Eve, Sundance from NIMBUS INDEPENDENT on Vimeo.