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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lake Louise

Well to say the least, it is cold but not that cold. Right now it is only -7c but by sunday it is supposed to be aroud -30c!!!! Just Great!!! Well trianing has gone well and I am feeling very balanced on my equipment right now! Hopefully I can put together a good run with minimal mistakes! We shall see Saturday!

What a view from The Chateau!! I wish the clouds would clear so you can get the full view of the beautiful cirque! And hopefully the lake will open so we can hit up the ice skating for dryland training! Maybe the -30c will be a good thing! Come sooner cold weather!!!

Much Love

Your Utah JAZZZZZZZ!!!!!

I have to let loose some of my emotions abotu the Utah JAZZ!!! They are unstoppable right now. #1 in the power rankings, #1 in the league, best start in franchise history! Wow I really do enjoy watching these guys play! We are also full of come from behind wins! Just wait until Buhler gets done with Andre (well oiled machine) Kirlinko and he can run loose on the court! A big Go! Jazz! Go! I have never lost hope in you guys!


I have been wondering why somebody hasnt capitalized on brocasting Ski Racing on the internet. Well wait no further! WCSN.com is where you can find it. It is $5 a month and you get to watch seamless ski racing on the internet!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dumping Dumping Dumping

Th snow wont settle down!!! It is wonderful! White White everywhere, always in the air falling falling oh so slow, well what do you know??? POWDER TOMORROW!!!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Thank You Drunken College Students

Its 4am Mountain Standard Time, Nov 11!!! Why am I awake????? Well it is Saturday and the village at Copper is full of weekend warriors and drunken college students! I assume one of these students decided to pull the fire alarm at 2:30 as a joke. Oh so very funny, now its 4am and I cant sleep and I have to get up at 5:30 to get ready to train! Thank you drunken college student who has been running up and down the hall all night!

HAHA As for the camp update! Things have been going well. The training has been fabulous. Keystone has provided us with our personal trail and we have control over the surface (snow) conditions. We also don't have public in our way and the training has been extremely productive. I don't think training can get better than this! Well actually I would enjoy it more if we were at 4000 Ft instead of 12000 Ft. I cant believe the toll this puts on your body! It takes twice as long to recover from every run, but I'm not complaining. Thank you KEYSTONE!

Check out my Dads old specs!