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Friday, July 27, 2007

Lookin Euro

Yes that's a rat tail, beware! HAHA! I've had it for a while but not as long as my bro, Blake. He's been sporting one for a while and I cut one just to mock him but ended up liking it. So I told him I would keep it until he came home from the great white north. Well he has delayed his arrival but it is final, he comes home tomorrow! I get to see him for an hour before I fly out. JUST GREAT!! Any who maybe we will have a ceremonial rat tail cutting? If I were popular enough I would post it on YouTube so everyone can watch, kind of like the political debates. I have had several ideas of what to do with it.

I can keep it and hang it from my rear view mirror?
I thought of selling it on Ebay and giving the money to charity? (Someone will probably buy it and sniff the hair like the crazy guy on Charlies Angels)
Or I will send the left over hair off in the wind from atop a New Zealand mountain?

Either way I will document via camera and give you guys an update. Which do you choose? Now I can see if anyone actually reads this blog?

Saturday, July 21, 2007


I have come to work out some bugs on the site recently. I guess I
randomly receive emails. So if you have been trying to email me
through the site and didn't get a reply re send it and I will get
back to you. Mystery Solved!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Mi Brudda

My little brother is coming home! Yes that is the infamous, long lost Blake Nyman! Hes back folks come see him in Utah for the rest of the summer (hopefully). I know you people have been in line waiting for days, camping along I-15 with urgence to watch his plane land! So join me in a big welcome home for Blake

I know your asking yourself well where did Blake go off to? He returns from the land of poutine and beaver tails!! CANADA OH CANADA!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

City of Roses

Im following through on the picture promise. Even though the title
of the blog is city of Roses Im sorry to say there are no pictures of
Portland. Boo Hoo

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Lots of news!
To start out with Sochi was awarded the Olympics!!! yeah! They were
my pick and Im super excited to go there. It could be a great place
to end my career. The Mountains are huge the area looks amazing and
Russia has always interested me.
Second, I have been training hard for the past few weeks and I am
feeling very healthy. I feel like my body is coming back to the
balance it requires to win.
Next, I just go t back from a trip to Oregon. While I was up there I
spoke to some kids and got them fired up for their summer ski
training and I also got to ski myself. I then proceeded to the
west coast and kite surfed the Oregon coast from Astoria to
Rockaway. It has to be some of the most beautiful land I have ever
seen! The north westerners don't want me to tell you that though
they just want you to stay away. (I will update the blog w/pics soon)
Last but not least. I want to bid farewell to Mr. Bruno Kernen. He
was a great competitor and person, always fun to talk to. He always
had a different mood wherever he went. I have seen him super
serious, scared, full of jokes, acting like an old man!
I will miss you Bruno