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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Edge of Never

I dont know Mr. Kye but my brother does and he says he's a good dude so I trust his opinion. But I remember watching Bill Kerig and Trevor Peterson as a kid in RAP films, Carving the White. They were my idols, I probably watched that flick over a 100 times.

The Edge of Never

WasSUP Race

I have been a little sluggish with the blog posts.  Sorry about that.  This is a little delayed news.  A little over a week ago I received a call from a rando number and thy invited m to a Stand up Paddle (SUP) race at Deer Creek.  The first ever for the Utah summer games.  It was a lot of fun and there was a great turn out, around 25 people.  I didn't know so many people enjoyed paddling at an extremely slow speed across flat water.  Because whenever I load my board on my car and drive to the lake I get tons of looks from the local farm and red neck folk.  
The race only had two classes, Men and Women.  We had everyone from first timers to pros there.  The course was 1.5 miles which is considered a sprint!  It didn't feel like it to me.  We all started at a good clip and hung together for a bit then people started spreading out.  Long story short.  I ended up getting 3rd a board length behind Eric Schlopy and we were about 200 yards behind this pro guy who had a race board but was wicked fast.   We ended up figuring out he was top 5 in the world in SUP racing.   I wish I remember is name.  But he lives in Eden and California and bounces back and forth between the two.  
I'm just rambling so click here for some shots and I also think someone tagged me on my face book with some more.    SUP PHOTOS
Also check out the shots of the event that followed.  As the SUP race ended the sailing race started.  The boats got half way down the lake and a huge storm blew through.  I MEAN NASTY!  I felt like Lieutenant Dan in Forest Gump watching this thing.  The sail boats couldn't get off the lake in time and 15 boats capsized.  But luckily nobody was hurt.  I think thy have to re hold the Utah Summer Games Sail Boat race! 

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Check this kid out.  He is absolutely nuts!  My favorite kiteboarder to date.  


My knee is still bugging me so I have laid low from kiting so far this summer.  Luckily the winds haven't been too great so the temptation isn't that high.  Hopefully I get a taste soon.  Until then, more biking.  Which I have been enjoying a ton.  

Heres some more goods I found.  

Go to Nimbus Independent for more videos.

 I was searching the Nimbus site for some new footy of my brother.  He is going to have a part in this years Nimbus production.  Stay tuned for his goods.  But til then enjoy this trip clip.  It comes from my favorite ski film creator, Kris Ostness.  Ever since Clay Pigeons came out I have followed his work.  He has a way of attaching you to the film. 

Friday, June 05, 2009

Pedal to the Metal

I stole my trusty ol' cruiser back from my little bro and fixed to up so it runs smooth again.  It has been great riding around town.  No getting in the truck for me when I have to get groceries.  But Im thinking of upgrading to one of these minus the kids.  Gotta wait for that.  Now I can haul all my stuff from the hardware store back home.  

Thursday, June 04, 2009

America Supports Team USA

Between now and July 4th the US Olympic Team is looking for the publics support through donations.  Learn more by visiting www.teamusa.org.

Unlike most other nations, the US doesn't use government funding to support their Olympic teams.  This is for a good cause in support of athletes and nations competing for common good.  

Thanks for the support

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The land of the rising sun

I have been riding a ton lately and it has been great.  The knee is coming around and I am feeling great.  Yesterday I was riding my favorite ride and one I grew up on.  The alpine loop is its name and it is one of the most scenic rides I have ever been on.  You ride over a pass on Mt. Timpanogos and at the top you can see Snowbird, Alta, Lone Peak, Cascade while you are under Timp.  
I rode to the top for the second time this spring and this time it was with some of my Bike racing friends Brian and Hunter Tolbert along with their Dad Tracy and my Mom.  After chilling up top for a while we began the decent.  I wasnt pushing my speed at all but rounding one of the switch backs my tire slipped out and I went for a nice butt slide.  It was weird I didn't tear anything up except that.  No fingers, elbows, knees nothing.  I have never crashed on a Road bike so that was a first.  I hope a last.  I have definatly escaped a few close ones but this finally got me.  It isnt too fun.  It hurt to simply sit but I think I will get back on the bike thurs.  
My butt looks like the Japanese flag.  Mostly white with a big red circle on it.  Thanks to Robyn, Heather and my Mudda for picking the gravel out and burning me with hydrogen peroxide.