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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hose pits

I just filmed a new commercial, check it out.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Check this out, EFXgolf.com  I met this guy Jeremy at the NBC Olympic photo shoot and he did some energy tests on me.  I did the tests with and without the EFX energy bracelet and I could feel way more powerful with the bracelet on.  Another reason to believe in this stuff is Ted Ligety introduced me to Jeremy and EFX telling me I had to check it out.  Ted isn't into holistic stuff at all.  Check the stuff out!
Thanks Jeremy
Enough of that, now check this goober out!  haha, I should shave my armpits....psyche!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lil' Update

I have had a busy past week or so.  From ski team meetings, to photo shoots to concerts I have been kept busy.  
The US ski teams center of Excellence is up and running.  The palace is pretty insane.  They have done a great job with the building.  From half pipes, to foam pits, to basketball courts I hope I don't get myself into trouble.  
We had some meetings proposing our plans for the summer and educating us about what we are thinking for the future. 
We also had physical testing last week.  Due to my knees status I didn't participate in it.  I also opted out of the Mammoth May camp desiring more rest for my body.  
My knee is feeling pretty god though.  Yesterday was my first day back on the bike.  I went for a long spin around the valley and my knee reacted well to that so I will slowly ramp it up and see how it progresses.  
From the ski teams meetings I flew to L.A. to do a pre Olympic shoot with NBC and its affiliates and have a meeting with VISA's ad agency.  I thought I did a decent job with the interviews and photo shoots. US Weekley tried to get me to pose with my shirt off but that didn't fly.  Then universal sports asked the same thing so I said "what the heck, we'll see what happens."  I think I'm going to regret those, they were pretty cheesy.  
Then I got a call to join my friends in Santa Barbara for the Kings of Leon concert.  So I extended my trip and spent a few more days in the city of angles.
I have to say Kings of Leon are incredible live.  I enjoyed them a lot and would pay to see them again, which is a rarity for me.  
Now Im home enjoying the good weather!  Finally

Monday, May 11, 2009

Where Amazing Happens

One of the best things about the playoffs is watching Charles Barkley.  This guy is too funny.  He can barely speak, every word is a tongue twister for him.  He's always laughing having a good time and he's not only poking fun at other people but he is poking fun at himself.  He always says "I can't believe we get paid for this." 
Check out the barkley zone on NBA.com.  I was recently asked what TV shows I would like to be on and I forgot this one.  This would be the show of my choice.  NBA on TNT!
I do enjoy seeing the athleticism of the NBA.  Of all the major sports I think this shows the most athleticism.  Lebron is nuts, Kobe is dangerous when he's pissed, the Celts are holding it together by a thread, there's a lot of drama in these playoffs.  

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy mothers day

I want to wish a happy mothers day to my mom, my grandma, and all the other mothers out there.

I always tell my mom she gave me my competitive spirit and my strong lungs. I remember when I was a kid seeing her passing and demoralizing all the guys in her bike races. I bet you she could have been pro, but instead she raised us boys. Thanks mom

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Spyder Testing

It has been great working with Spyder.  They are a company who wants to push the limits of our materials and bring the fastest products to the table.  The past 2 days I was in San Diego testing new suits for the up coming Olympic year.  
We went to the San Diego Low Speed Wind tunnel.  This is where Lance Armstrong and a lot of prominent bike teams have done their testing over the years.  the walls were covered in pictures of the past.  It is pretty cool to see.  
There was a lot of media there talking with Jake Zamansky, Daron Rahlves and me.  Discovery Channel Canada was even there! haha We couldn't pull the actual discovery channel peeps, they're missing out.
  We got a lot of good info out of the tunnel.  I think were going to have some weapons for the up coming Olympic season.  
Here I am standing in the propeller room.  This tunnel was built in the 40's but its precision is amazing.  The huge wooden blades skim within an inch off the ground.  This makes for consistent airflow.  It would have been rad to get a  skateboard and shredded in here.  But that probably wouldn't fly.  (or maybe I would? haha)
Testing the new skier cross pant.  While wearing the stealth top! Im thinking of sporting this in my races this winter.  It will keep me nice and cool as Im cruising down the mountain.

Jake sucking in smoke.  

Sunday, May 03, 2009


OBX is the outer banks in North Carolina.  It is a thin strip of land running a ways off the coast of North Carolina.  It is mostly made up of sand dunes and swamps.  POC put together an end of the season trip there this past week and it was an awesome time.  The outer banks is awesome!  You have surf on the ocean side and flat water on the sound side.  ost water activities are available to you there.  My activity of choice is Kiteboarding but since my knee is was bugging me I had to behave and I couldn't go all out.  I did get test the knee out and it is still tender.  

So I taught people how to fly kites
Which isn't that fun but better than nothing.
Getting picked up at the airport
My catch on the second fishing day. 
Fish and I with our Mahi Mahis!  Erin Sullivan and Chrystal joining in for the ride.  
out in the gulf, saw some sharks, flying fish, some blob fish thing and all kinds of stuff.  The ocean is nuts how much life is in it.  
Fish and I met Blake and Dave at a fundraiser we had in Colorado in the fall.  They are fellow ski racers from North Carolina!  I didnt even know if it snowed there.  Blake is also a pro king fisherman and he heard we were headed down to his neck of the woods so he took us out.  Thanks Blake and Dave for the good time.  
Me Erin and Chris Tatsuno

Me at sunset.  Every night we got to enjoy this.  

Gracias to POC for the great week and I hope they enjoy the next week without us kids pestering them.