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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Waiting Game

Dealing with the elements is something you have to be good at when it comes to skiing especially ski racing. It sure can try your patience. This camp has been a good test of my patience but today it finally paid off. After 3 days of really warm temps and yesterdays rainy golf we really didn't know how the hill was going to be this morning. We woke up to clear skys and cold temps! But we got to the hill and saw the groomers moving around and I just prayed that they left our hill alone. Which they did and it turned out to be a nice skeet of ice!!!! Just what we came it for. It only took 2.5 weeksto get. Well today we got it and I took advantage of it. A 13 run advantage. 10 DH and 3 GS! It almost made up for the waiting time. But these next few days definitely will, the weather is looking good, warm in the day, cold at night and nice hard snow. I have some stuff to work on and have been aching to for a while now,
The internet is pathetic here so no vids until I get home but I do have a few! How about a song recommendation.

Young hearts beat free tonight by Rod Stewart. (Thanks Wiley Maple for leaving that CD in our trusty steed)

Monday, September 27, 2010


Yesterday was pretty epic! Bluebird, no wind and we finally were able to strap our downhill boards on. The initial plan was DH training into GS but we just kept going with the DH all day. 9 runs of DH to be exact. It felt good to go fast once again, getting up and over my boards and letting them fly.
It is critical to get the miles on the downhill skis, not just for training and comfort but to break the skis in. Getting them running an flexing on snow is a necessity, you have bend the skis to break the glue in the ski so it becomes more supple and flows like water as you move down the hill. The more you do this the more supple they become.
My Fischer technician, Leo Mussi, was getting a little nervous because the skis hadn't touched the snow yet. But yesterday was great for the long boards.
Today we had another downhill day planned but we woke up to the 120kmh winds!!! When will this storm system leave us? I know I said this before but the weather from here on out looks great, so keep your fingers crossed.

I had to add this picture of the Austrian coaches I saw on a poster down here! What goof balls! That pose is out of a Brady Bunch episode.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Temple Basin Adventure

On our day off Travis Ganong and I couldn't handle sitting around the ol' apartment so we decided to hope in the trusty car and make our way to Arthurs Pass to check out this little resort called Temple Basin. Here is what we found.

The 2nd Half

The first week of our camp was a tough stretch but I got a bit out of it so I can't complain. We had four days of training, 1 SG and 3 GS. We were fighting the wind and the snow drifts it brings but the next weeks weather looks good and we are even talking about extending out training down here for a few days if the good weather holds. It is tough because up on the Mountain it is gnarly wind and then you get back down to town and it is perfect blue sky weather.
We need to get some time on our DH skis!!!!! I think it will happen come monday.
The young guns (Europa Cup Team) have come back into town from Queenstown and are going to train with us. They bring good energy and it will step up our game. We cans't be gettin bet by those tikes.

Monday, September 20, 2010


The weather report is Mon snow, Tues, snow, Wed snow, Thursday snow, Fri high winds. But today we woke up to blue skies as far as we could see. When we arrived the vibe amongst the tech team was bleak. They instantly bailed to go to Queenstown to try and scrape together some training, but the WE, the SPEED TEAM! Decided to wait it out....the result 3 days of skiing in 3 days and today looks fantastic! It could be a little soft but we will work it out. Today will be our first day in the gates, probably a double session, SG and GS.

All the best to the tech boys down south. I'm bummed I wanted to train with them for the first time this summer. Hopefully they gain some patience and return to their roots so we can enjoy each others company!!! Haha

Here's a few shots of the past couple days. I found the black and white setting on my Blackberry which has been fun. A little football, windy lifts, and good views.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crunch Time!

Life as a world traveling snow slider may not seem too hectic unless we are hurtling our bodies down the mountain. Reality is my mind is most clear when I am doing just that. The chaos arrives when I am home and I have to catch up with real life! The week I have been home has been full of taxes, renting my home, sponsorship obligations, moving my home, visiting family, friends and nature, paying bills and building a top secret website. (I will tell you more soon) while still trying to fit in a couple workouts a day!

Tomorrow I'm off to New Zealand! And hopefully I didn't forget anything I was supposed to do at home.


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Friday, September 10, 2010

Back at it!

From New Zealand I flew to Chile to go film with Warren Miller for their 2011 film and shoot for Spyders 2011-12 line. I figured out that heli time is the best cure for jet lag! This was my second time in a heli and it wasn't much different, it was still the coolest thing you can do I think. IT WAS AMAZING!
The initial descent

The snow was slim and I was initially questioning our situation there. But when I was dropped off at the top of a 4000ft untracked corn descent with Tommy Moe, Julia Mancuso and Jake Zamansky, I realized things would be just fine! Skiing from 13000ft to 9000ft woke me up from my jet lag. We were about half way down when my legs started screaming but I kept saying to myself keep it rolling the film is on, dont crash! After the run everyone admitted to thinking the same thing. The rest of the day was filled with more of the same.
the Spyder Crew (bad pic) yes thats my booty

After that it was time for the real work. I have been working with Spyder for 4 years now and the whole crew is great. I havent had the opportunity to work with many of the other athletes from different skiing disciplines but in Portillo everyone was there. Chris Davenport, Julian Carr, Jess McMillan, Roz G, Colby West, Daron Rahlves, Me, Jake, Julia and Tommy were a great crew along with a bunch of the Spyder in house staff and managers. We would disperse for the day doing whatever was planned. I realized photo shoots are the worst. You never get to ski! I would hike then make one turn through the cameras and lights, take my skis off hike up and repeat until perfection was caught! It made me appreciate my job, I like racing the clock and scaring myself.
After of week in Portillo I was aching to get home. When I arrived I got to see my new niece Vivian (I'm a new uncle) and then I received some good news! I was invited to the annual Lake Powell Couples trip! Yes I am single but I was invited anyway! I hadn't been to Powell fo r 4 years so I got in my truck and cruised on down with my SUP boards for 4 days of water fun.
Hanging 8

I got abunch of vid from down there so another movie is on the burner. Once I have some time at this next ski camp in New Zealand I will get some vids out.

For now it is time to get back to training and be as strong as i can be for skiing.

Muchas Gracias to Spyder, Warren Miller and Davey Gravy