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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let Time Pass

I would have to say these few weeks before our final on snow training camp are the worst weeks of the year. All I want to do is ski but I have to restrain myself and keep working on my physical shape. It has been a fun few weeks of burning legs, lack of breath, puke on your shoes, lots of food and deep sleep at night but the problem is all I can think about is skiing! I have to fill myself with patience with all of the snow that fell in Utah. There were rumors of waist deep powder up at Alta (which I didn't take a part of because I can't find my freeski gear). Just a few more days and I am back on snow in Colorado.

It has been a good couple weeks though. A lot of hammer sessions in the gym. On thursday we had a strongman comp. Which involved 250lb carry relay, mega tire flipping, sledgehammering, weighted wheel barrel runs, and a military press comp. I would have to say I was feeling pretty strong until we got to the military press event (i was the first to bow out). The session included a lot of involuntary yelling along with some good camaraderie. It felt good to get out of the gym and tackle a few challenges.

Hopefully I can survive these next few days.
Happy Halloween

Steven (AKA Luke Skywalker)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Christmas once again in October!!!

Well it has arrived! All the uniform and gear!! I don't want to take it off its so comfortable, or maybe because I'm too tired from this afternoons workout. But it doesn't matter. This is my Christmas, on the tour the US Team doesn't really get to experience much of a Christmas. Plus it snowed today! Does that mean Spyder is my santa claus? I guess I was a good boy this past year.

Thanks Spyder

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Solden Predictions

Well my buddy Hans Olsson and I have randomly been throwing down predictions for World Cup races. He just challenged me over Facebook. Well Mr. Olsson heres my picks.


And if you haven't read Mr. Olssons blog check it out, www.hans-olsson.com it is hilarious and full of some good information.

Lets go USA!

And stay tuned for the release of www.fantasyskiracer.com. My brother and I have been working on it this summer. It was supposed to be out for Solden but the database guys gave us some trouble so it release date has been delayed and it will be ready for Levi. I PROMISE!! So stay tuned

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hammer Sessions!

The last two weeks have been hell weeks at the gym. The first week I had Travis Ganong, Marco Sullivan, and Erik Fisher with me and we were pushing each other through the work outs. Then they left for home to train and or a little vacation (FISH!!). So I have been at it alone the past week. Luckily I have had our trainer, Alex, by my side. The dudes an animal, he just had twins and gets 2-4 hours of sleep a night and still comes to work and keeps up with us during the workouts.
Heres a little schedule of what a hell week consists of.
MON-Weighted jumps up stairs followed by mini squats and free jumps up the stairs, then eccentric jumps down the stairs. Then to the sand pit for more plyos. Single leg, double leg.... Then a hour A1(recovery) bike session. Then a little friendly football.
TUES-Tolerance Bike session-We would bike up to the top of Deer Valley and then back down doing loops. 20 minutes at threshold 10 off 15 threshold, 10 min off, 10 min threshold. Then back to the gym for a core session.
WED-HEAVY lower leg session-all kinds of heavy lifts with jumps. Then another hour A1 bike session.
THURS-PUKE HILL-30 second sprints straight up a hill with 5 minutes recovery between each sprint. 5 sets I puked the first week but this week no puke. This thing toasts you and it is tough to do much after this except eat and stretch. But I managed to get a little fly fishing in.
FRI-Upper body strength session with a couple hour bike ride thrown in there.
SAT, SUN=Rest time

remember to toss in recovery session after each of these. Lots of stretching, rolling, ice tubs and good food.

Next up I have a light week ahead of me to rejuvenate before our Colorado ski camp! Can you believe it is already here? I am so fired up on this season. I haven't felt this good in a few years. My body is finally feeling good and I am feeling like an athlete again. I have a lot of work to do in my skiing but at least I know I am strong and capable of doing it. I just need to focus.

A big thanks to everyone who helped me get back into shape this summer.
John, Drew, Patty, Annette, Tony, the Ruhs, Team Renegade, Alex, Adam, my Teammates.

Sad news. John Adams, my trainer earlier this summer when I lived in San Diego, passed away last week. He had been fighting to recover from a really bad car accident. May you rest in peace my friend and it was a pleasure to get to know you. You gave everything you had to everyone around you and did it with passion. Thank You

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Here's a little video I put together from my trip to Portillo, Chile with the Spyder crew in September. Super C, according to Chris Davenport, is one of the more famous couloirs in the world. It is around 4000 vertical feet of straight up climbing and an amazing weaving tight descent. I missed a lot of the skiing footage (sorry) because the camera I was using didn't do well with vibrations. So it looks like I have to hike it another day. (Don't try and ski with a flip cam, go for the GoPro, that thing is money) A lot of the footage is of me just talking to the camera and myself, with a couple bad booger shots thrown in there!

The story behind the hike is I decided to get up one morning and do it alone. The night before in the bar I got directions from Jake Zamansky and they didn't make much sense so I went up there hoping to find my way. He told me if I took the first route it would cliff out and the second route was the way to go I was totally confused when I got up there and just decided to go for it. Luckily I chose the right route or else I would have been in for an even longer day of hiking in race boots (bad idea)!


Monday, October 11, 2010

The Last of My Summer

The moment I arrived home I went into a 5 day flu spell. NOT SWEET but it was sweet in a sense. I had the worst sweats for those five days and I think my body was cleansing me of something. I am not even sure if I had the flu or not? I would just pop tons of NyQuil and Ricolas day and night and it finally got better.
I decided to rent my house out for the winter so while battling the flu I was cleaning out my house and my Mom provided a lot of help. We would also battle over the temperature of the house. She would complain it was cold while I was running around sweating my cahones off! Thanks for the help Mom and sorry peoples, I already found renters to the Nymans Mansion! (More like shack)
Also since I have been home it has been raining and cold! I think my summer was over in the beginning of September and I just threw together a little vid of my last days of summer.

Thanks Capt'n Davey for the good time at Lake Powell. One of my favorite places on earth

Monday, October 04, 2010


Finally home. Flying sure takes it out of me, I woke up at 8 but felt like junk so I laid the for 2.5 hours and finally convinced myself to get up and make some breakie. On the menu, eggs artichoke hearts, toast w butter and jam and a hemp milk protein shake then a little Youtube uploading. ENJOY