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Sunday, November 29, 2009

1st one down Next up BOP

Done with Lake Louise. The beautiful lady has never treated me well but one day she will. It was good to ski a full length World Cup. My body needed to know what it has to take. It is definitely sore, I have only trained on a 1 minute Downhill on soft snow. Then jumping into 2 minute icy bumpy course was a shock! My butt was super sore but my body is adapting and getting stronger and stronger every day. I am also feeling more and more balanced on my boards. I just need to start pushing myself and not worrying about the mistakes. I also need to trust myself and know my body can handle what I put it through.

My thoughts go out to T.J. Lanning and John Kucera for speedy recoveries. It is always tough to see guys go down. I have been through my fare and know the battle it is to get back on the horse. He has been through too many injuries and doesn't deserve this, nobody does, but he just can't get a break. Send all your support his way. You can follow T.J. on Twitter at TheLanning. Send him your love.

I wish da weather was this good all the time in Lake Louise.

Kicking out of the start of of the Lake Louise Downhill. Started from the top this year.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back on TOUR!

I'm Back on Tour and it feels good. Today was funny, I was extremely nervous! My summer training was cut short and I basically a 1/4 of the normal prep period I am used to, so I was standing in the start pretty nervous. Not really knowing what to expect, I was guessing how I was going to handle the course set here and the different snow. The training I have had until now basically consisted of flats and fairly easy snow. But I made it down in one piece and I wasn't that bad either!

The course crew here in Lake Louise have bucked up this year. Rumor has it that someone said the course here has been really easy the past few years. In response the crew injected the majority of the course with water and they enhanced some of the terrain features. Which makes the course a bit more difficult and fun. I kind of wish they kept it a little easier because of the lack of training I have had. But I'm not worried.

Today was good, I was feeling good while I was moving down the course. I have to iron out some timing issues but I am comfortable on my long boards and feel I can push my limits a lot further. I have a lot of room to improve.

My knee felt fine while skiing today, but is a little tender tonight. I will see how it feels when I wake up tomorrow morning. I think it is something I have to deal with through this whole season and defiantly have to gut it out these first few races because I tend to do well in them and want to do well in them so I can get the Olympic qualifying thing out of the way and I can just concentrate on my skiing.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Canadian rockies

The view from the bird. Looks like there is plenty of snow. The word is we are starting from the top of the course. I have never done that nor has anyone else on the world cup tour.
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Moonwalk the earth

So I think I'm gonna start a moon walking blog. Here is the first edition from the calgary airport on my way up to lake louise.

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Dang my teammate is famous. Just ran across this in the seattle airport on my way to lake louise! World cup seasons is beginning!
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Top 10 Levi

Im a little late to pick the top 10 in the Womens Slalom. congrats to a good slalom performance from the US. Kaylin 70 to 23 is impressive and Hailey Duke was in there as well and Vonn is looking on track. Here are my top 10 picks for the men.

1. Grange
2. Hargin
3. Ligety
4. Raich
5. Molegg
6. Bode
7. Kostelic
8. Rocca
9. Zubriggen
10. Lizeroux

I also think Jimmy and Jit will do well here.
Good luck boys rip it up

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Back on the horse

I'm back in Colorado now and back skiing! It feels good just to have some boards on my feet and stand in lift lines. I enjoy seeing all the various mountain characters from the implant wannabe gangsta thugs, free flowing dreaded hippies to the classic guy who just figured skiing would be fun and would resurrect his old gear from the 70s and take a few runs. I love what the mountain brings out and the enjoyment it brings to people. Just simply sliding down the mountain brings enjoyment. It does amaze me how many people come up to the resorts when there is only one run open and it is jam packed. The white ribbon of death is what they call it here and I defiantly feel that way.

But now I am in Copper running gates! DH, SG and GS. We have had epic conditions and our training in Vail has been premier, it would be safe to say the best in the world right now, along with the weather. There's nothing like Downhill at 6 AM then driving to Vail and training full length GS in 50-60degree weather! Then finishing training off by laying in the sun at the bottom of the hill working on your goggle tan.

I have exceeded my expectations so far. My body feels good and is getting better and better each day. My knees and back are getting stronger and stronger and I feel great every morning when I wake up.

It has been a good time to get back with the boys as well. We are heckling each other with fantasy football and having the football pools every weekend, along with putting on our training runs.

It is nice to be back with Leo and his humor. We developed some great skis before I called it quits last season and I finally got to ski on them. They are feeling fast and strong and ready to roll this season. We have also been doing some photo shoots for this season Fischer ad.

here's another thing that will make you laugh

Well adios for now and I will try and write more soon